THE MISSING PAN is a little shophouse at 619D Bukit Timah Road with a bakery on the first floor and a brasserie upstairs.

THE MISSING PAN serves modern cuisine with an imaginative approach; preparing and serving food and artisanal baked goods with a twist on traditional methods. We believe in food that is good to eat, share and enjoy. Our enduring passion lies in all things natural and personally made — best savoured with good company.


Come by to our little bakery at for a spot of breakfast. We love a good loaf. Here, bread comes first – organic, artisanal and warm from the oven with a crust that breaks with hearty crackle. Have a seat and savor a buttered slice with eggs and coffee at our bakery with the morning papers – why not take home a fresh loaf?

Our breads are freshly made on the premises. A wide variety is available daily, from organic sourdoughs to ryes and multigrain. No preservatives, additives or flavourings are added – only natural goodness goes into our bread.


Upstairs at THE MISSING PAN's brasserie, we serve hearty cuisine with an imaginative approach – mood-lifting, belly-warming food. Enjoy an extensive menu of concoctions from our kitchen any time of the day, from a casual brunch of eggs – any way you like them – to an quiet dinner of yolk-centred ravioli paired with a glass of Burgundy.


A. 619D Bukit Timah Road
#01/02-01 Singapore 269724
T. 65 6466 4377

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday from 10am - 10pm